Bolt EV Academy Video Series Teaches About EV Driving Benefits

Driving an electric vehicle has become increasingly popular as more drivers become conscious of their driving impact on earth. In fact, most automakers are committed to increasing the number of electric vehicles, or EVs, in their lineups in the coming years, with some committing to most or all of their vehicles becoming electrified. Chevy has been a leader in the industry with its Bolt EV for years.

To highlight the benefits of driving an electric vehicle, Chevy recently launched the Bolt EV Academy, which is a 15-video series that educates not only current but future Bolt drivers on why driving electric is so great. The videos also instruct drivers on how to get the most out of their Bolts and other EVs and provide tips and how-tos, courtesy of engineers and other experts who worked on the Bolt EV.

Bolt EV | Muncy, PA

Included in the Bolt EV Academy video series are topics like driver’s display screens, cold weather driving tips, home charging basics, one pedal driving and regen on demand, personalizing active safety features, and road trip charging.

You can check out the videos through a number of platforms, such as YouTube, the Chevy website, the Chevrolet owner center, and the MyChevrolet app. Additionally, visit Blaise Alexander Chevrolet to check out the Bolt EV in person. Nothing beats a hands-on look!

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