Newest Chevy Vehicles at Blaise Alexander Can Have OnStar® Insurance

OnStar® has been around for over 20 years, keeping drivers in Pennsylvania safe and connected while driving in General Motors vehicles like the Chevrolet Traverse. Recently, GM has enhanced what services OnStar® can provide, the latest being the addition of OnStar® Insurance through partnering carriers.

Through the newly launched OnStar® Insurance Services, you and other Chevrolet drivers in Muncy will be able to obtain insurance coverage through OnStar®, making it easier to apply and file claims.

OnStar® Insurance | Muncy, PA

In one central database through OnStar®, you’ll be able to shop for the best deal on insurance coverage, speak directly with an agent, and personalize your plan — all virtually. And if you connect your eligible GM vehicle to the OnStar® system, you could receive discounts for good driving habits.

This level of integration between vehicle and insurer is unprecedented and is definitely a great opportunity for GM owners. Even if you don’t drive a vehicle with traditional OnStar® Safety and Security services, you can still receive insurance coverage from OnStar® Insurance.

OnStar® Insurance also offers coverage for your home, including a Home+Auto bundle that’s designed to save you even more money. The OnStar® Insurance program is being rolled out across the country this year. So, if you’re interested in taking advantage of this program, you’ll want to look into buying a new or used Chevrolet vehicle from Blaise Alexander Chevrolet of Muncy.

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