Spring Car Care Tips

Hopefully at this point in the year, your vehicle has lasted you through the winter season. As the weather slowly begins to warm up as we near spring, you’ll need to adjust your car care right along with the weather. Here are some simple spring car care tips to keep your car running the into warmer season.

Give your car a thorough wash. The first thing you should do once it’s warm enough is wash off all of dirt, grime and salt that builds up during the winter. Allowing those to stick around could hurt your paint job or lead to rust.

Spring Car Care Tips | Muncy, PA

Check your tire pressure. You might know that cold air leads your tires pressure to fall, and you’ll need to add air. In the spring, the warmer air can cause tire pressures to increase. You should make sure your tire pressure doesn’t get over your manufacturer specification.

Keep your windshield wipers in working order. The ice and snow from winter could cause damage to your wipers, so make sure they can still work well enough to clear those spring showers.

Check your vehicles alignment and suspension. Winter roads are especially harsh on cars, especially if they produce huge potholes. These potholes could ruin the alignment and suspension components on your car, so make sure yours is still properly aligned.

Do you prefer a hands-off approach to car maintenance? Just call Blaise Alexander Chevrolet today to schedule a service appointment. We’ll make sure your car is in tip-top shape for spring.

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