Tips to Help You Wash Your Car in Muncy, PA

Car Wash | Muncy, PA

Summer is here again, so make sure your car is ready for the road ahead. A good car wash and wax is a great place to start, and these tips will help keep your ride shining through all your travels in Muncy and across Pennsylvania.

First, you’ll need the proper supplies. Consumer Reports warns you should stay away from using common household cleaners — like hand or dish soap — as these may actually strip off your vehicle’s protective wax. Instead, find a cleaner that is specially formulated for vehicle paint. On the other hand, you can go for regular soap and water on your wheels and tires, but you can also find specialized cleaning products. 

Make sure you have two buckets (one for clean and one for dirty water); multiple sponges (one for the body and one for the tires); and a chamois or soft terry towel for drying. Start by thoroughly rinsing your Chevy to loosen up the dirt and grime. Then wash with sudsy water from the top down and rinse again. Finally, be sure to dry your Chevy well. You should also apply a wax finish a few times per year.

Turn car washing from a chore to a fun family activity by involving the kids. Youngsters will surely enjoy using the water hose to fill up the buckets and rinse the car. The littlest of kids will love squirting the car soap into the clean bucket and using a sponge to make bubbles while washing the body and tires. Just be sure to teach the kids to wash in a side-to-side motion, and not in a circle.

Here’s another tip: A car wash is just one way to take care of your vehicle ahead of your summer road trip. If you’re planning on heading out of town, be sure to stop into Blaise Alexander Chevrolet of Muncy for regularly scheduled service.

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